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Almuslih is holding an event on December 2, 2014 in Washington DC, USA

The one-day conference Progressive Arab Voices on Islamic Reform will bring together leading Arab Muslim progressive intellectuals, all of whom are contributors to the Almuslih website, to give their in-depth diagnosis of the deeper cultural and doctrinal factors that are giving life to the intensifying current of militant Islamist radicalism.

The event will distinguish itself by the boldness of its remit to investigate these deeper mechanisms and promote the understanding of the drift to Islamism as a manifestation of a crisis with modernity that requires radical root-and branch reform if it is not to perpetuate the crisis. The conference will provide a rare opportunity for English speakers to witness the depth of the debate that is taking place among progressive Muslim intellectuals in the Arab Middle East, and allow them to appreciate the deeper cultural and doctrinal factors that are powering Islamist extremism. On the basis of the insights provided by these reformers, those attending the conference will be able to take away an informed understanding of the current crisis afflicting Islam, one that is at once considerably more nuanced and free of preconceptions.

For the conference

Babikir Faysal Babikir

In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks against America carried out by Al Qaeda many American experts, decision-making circles and centres of research stressed the need to review ‘educational programs’ in the Middle East which they saw as one of the principal drivers of the human bomb factories that blew up the Twin Trade Towers and destroyed part of the Pentagon.


Tarek Heggy

[WITH EDITORIAL CORRECTION] There continues to be confusion about the events of June 30th 2013, when thirty three million [*] Egyptians spilled onto the squares and streets of Egyptian cities demanding the removal of President Morsi. Media commentary has tended to focus on matters of legitimacy concerning the latest aspect of the crisis – the cancellation of the results of the ballot box that had taken place 12 months before, and the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood – without at the same time providing a fuller analysis of the events – no less touching on legitimacy – that led up to this momentous occurrence.